Poo Monkey gets animated
Poo Monkey has become an animated emoticon and is now available on the newest and coolest Social Networking app called Sociabile. Poo Monkey's emoticon set contains 18 different animations bringing your chatting experience to life with the silly antics of this wild and crazy character.
For those that are unsure how much time you spend pooping or if you would like to see how much money you make during your next poop then you can use the poop timer below. Just start the timer when you leave to take a poop, and stop it when you return. The poop timer will tell you how how much money you made during that poop. Have you ever wondered how much money you make each year by pooping at work? We here at workpoop.com have thought the same thing and have created the poop calculator. After entering in the appropriate data click the 'Calculate Poop Pay' button to see your annual earning for pooping at work. It's as easy as one, two, poop.
Click Start to time your poop!!!

Hourly Pay:

If you make $10.00 per hour, enter the number 10.

Hourly Pay
If you make $10.00 per hour, enter the number 10.
Time Spent
If you spend a half hour per day enter .5
Times per Week
Enter in the number of days per week you poop at work.
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