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Top 10 Reasons why girls are like poop:
10.  Both are innapropraite to do in public.
9. Neither are pleasant after a long night of drinking.
8. They are more enjoyable when you leave them after you're finished.
7. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
6. Nobody wants a big one but we've all had one.
5. Nobody likes a messy one.
4. They're more pleasant in silence.
3. You can get in trouble for throwing them.
2. Both require some type of towel when your done.
1. Both are a pain in the ass.
Top 10 Reasons Men are like Farts:
10.  They are very unpredictable and uncontrollable.
9. They're funny to laugh at but you don't want one.
8. They are much worse in the shower.
7. When you have too much of one your stomach hurts.
6. Sometimes they drool.
5. You can't wait until they go away.
4. They are always trying to blow on you.
3. The silent ones are usually the most deadly.
2. All sounds generate from hot air.
1. They both stink.
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