There are as many different kinds of poop as there
are people in the world. Butt holes are like opinions,
everybody has one, and where there's a butt, there
will be poop. This section is here to help people
understand their poop by understanding the different kinds of poop that there is. Here, one can look
at the glossary of poop terms which are dedicated to this site and created by our own staff here at
AIR RAID POO When you sit down to poo and only farts come out
AN ARTIFACT This is a mostly solid poo that appears to be normal at first glance. Once flushed however, fecal remnants remain attached to the bottom of the bowl for the next pooper or poopers to discover.
CABBAGE POO Poo that comes out green.
CAJUN POO Poo that burns on the way out.
CANTALOUPE POO A turd that is as wide as it is long and makes a huge splash once it hits the toilet.
FLAME THROWER Similer to the salad shooter but causes the anus to burn due to the high levels of capsicum (makes hot peppers hot).
GHOST POO A poo that disappears once it hits the toilet. Kind of haunts you wondering where it went.
GUARD DOG A poo that hangs out in the anus and protects the butt from any unwanted perpetrators.
OBESE POO Poo that's so big it hurts coming out, brother of the Cantaloupe Poo.
PEEKABOO POO A poo that slides into the drain hole and only pokes its head out for a second when you flush than retreats down the drain again.
PERISCOPE POO Poo so huge that the poo is actually sticking out of the water.
POO MAN CHU A Poo Man Chu is when someone with really long butt hairs braids their hair like a goatee coming from their butt hole. It can also be emulated by hanging a long turd from your chin, but we do not recommend this.
RECURRING POO Every time you get done pooping and get up another one comes out.
SALAD SHOOTER A form of diarrhea that sprays out of your butt at a rapid pace.
SNAKE CHARMER A poo so big that you have to re-adjust your sitting position on the toilet and as the poo wiggles out. Whistling is optional and may help relaxing the poo out.
SPAGHETTI POO Poo that is so smooth and thin that it actually curls in the bowl.
SPLASH GUARD This term refers to the use of 3 to 6 squares of toilet paper placed atop the water as a buffer between the cold unforgiving water, and the pooper's anus.
UNDERACHIEVER POO A poo that is so small it wasn't worth pooping.
UPPER DECK An upper deck is where you take the top off of the back of the toilet and poop in the reserved water so that the poop is trapped. Everytime the toilet is flushed afterwards the toilet will be filled up with fresh poo water.
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